Isaiah 6:5-8; Luke 5:4-10

So you say (or think) you are “called.” Called for what? To do what?

Usually, one’s felt “call” is framed as some type of ministry – missions work, pastoring a local church, perhaps even music ministry. Others would say their “calling” refers to any work or occupation, including both religious-related work and non-religious work.

Often, calling is spoken as a futuristic projection of something not yet experienced or seen. A person might declare, “I’ve been called to preach.” Or, an adult may declare that same thing about a child.

Nothing wrong with speaking to the future. After all, scripture is full of Messianic prophecies.

But consider this: when it comes to THE call, there are no doubts and certainly no ambiguity. You will be compelled to go or to do that which The Call requires.

There can only be one “The Call” in your life at any given moment. It might change over time. It might seem small and insignificant at the moment. It could be a period of preparation for a future work. The Call may even involve danger to your life. Regardless of the situation, The Call is clear and unmistakable. It is happening with you right here, right now.

The Call is divinely appointed. It could be your current involvement and support within a local church. The Call could be your current state of preparation for a future work, such as being college or seminary student. Your Call may be a short-term divine appointment to pour into a stranger’s life.

The Call involves results – sometimes now, sometimes long-term and years down the road. You might not even see the end result in your lifetime, but if you recognize, accept, and do The Call you will know that you are planting seeds, cultivating, and building something for the Kingdom.

If you are spiritual-minded and really in tune with the Lord, you will recognize and boldly answer your Call, “for such a time as this.”